(3) Order: Analytical Services - PG antifreeze tests

HCS Analytical Service

       1)      Propylene Glycol Antifreeze Fluids System Evaluation

       2)      Solvent analysis by GC (contact us by Email before submit your samples)

       3)      Metal analysis by AA, ICP-MS (contact us by Email before submit your samples)

       4)      HPLC analysis (contact us by Email before submit your samples)


HCS Antifreeze Service (HCS glycolservices):
HCS Propylene Glycol (PG) testing services


  1. Antifreeze Fluids System Evaluation      $200.00 ($ 180.00 now)
    1. Appearance
    2. pH
    3. Reserve Alkalinity
    4. Freeze Protection Point
    5. Composition (Ethylene glycol or Propylene glycol), Qualitative test by Gas Chromatograph
    6. Viscosity by Brookfield (room temperature)
    7. Recommendations: include calculation for Propylene Glycol (PG) adjustment
    8. Report sent back to customer


  1. Individual Test/sample

Viscosity by Brookfield (Room temp.)





$15.00 ($ 5.00 now)

Reserve Alkalinity


Freeze Protection Point (by Refractometer)

$15.00 ($ 5.00 now)

Composition (E.G. or P.G.), gas chromatograph (Qualitative test by GC)           


Specific Gravity


  1. Propylene Glycol antifreeze: calculation and adjustment based on Freeze Protection (FP)

              $ 30.00/request (Free of charge now)

              Ex.: Current FP = 10oF, Expect FP = – 10oF, request PG adjustment

              Please provide system capacity.

  1. Multiple Solvent (Acetone, MEK, THF, Cyclohexanone) analysis in PVC, CPVC primer or cement by GC

                                                                             $ 300.00 for Quantitative test/sample

                                                                             $ 150.00 for Qualitative test/sample

                              A.            Individual Solvent analysis: Acetone, MEK, THF, Cyclohexanone

                                                                              $ 150.00 for Quantitative test/sample

                                                                              $ 100.00 for Qualitative test/sample


                              B.            Solid % test                                             $ 20.00/sample


  1. PVC, CPVC cement, Liquid, viscosity test at Room Temperature

                                                               $ 20.00/sample   by VI-2105#5, ZAHN SIG SERIES 90 VISC Cup

                                                               $ 20.00/sample by Brookfield Viscometer       

  1. Weight/gallon: LBs/Gallon on paste, liquid, oil sample               $ 15.00/sample

(BYK – Gardner Weight Per Gallon Cut # 13)

  1. Penetration test by Cone Penetrometer: ASTM D210/D937 Cone weight = 102.5 ± 0.1g

                                                                                   $ 20.00/sample


Note:     Please make payable, Check, or, Money Order to HERCULES CHEMICAL SERVICE  LLC

              Attach your contact information with your sample submitted.


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