* Applications examples with citrus cleanr

Recommendations for 100% concentrate d-Limonene cleaner.

Mist:         ½ fl oz concentrate / gallon of water; or (ratio: 1 : 250)

Light:         1 fl oz concentrate / gallon of water; or (ratio: 1 : 128)

General:   2 fl oz  concentrate / gallon of water; or (ratio: 1 : 64)

Strong:    16 fl oz concentrate / gallon of water;or (ratio: 1 : 8)

Straight 100% concentrate (no water): use with caution.

Examples Applications for industrial, household and office

Mist formula for cleaning: brass. copper. stainless steel, chrome, dusting furniture, mirrors, 

                                          silverware. window, appliances.

Light formula for cleaning: cupboard, countertop, wall, floors.

General formula for cleaning: carpet, grease stove, shower, upholstery, fabric, vinyl, toilet 

                                                seat, tub, sink.

Strong formula for cleaning: fireplace windows, rust, paint brushes, barbecue, carpet stain, 

                                              oven stain, stains on clothing.

Straight formula for cleaning: tree sap, tar, blood stain, marker, wax, glue, price tag, tape residue, 

                                                gum, candle wax, crayon wax, scuff marks.

Other examples: Driveway oil spots, hand cleaner, floor wax stripper, air freshener, 

                                adhesive removal and cleanup, asphalt release agent, equipment cleaning, 

                                parts washer and dip baths, parts cleaning, oil spill cleanup, 

                                styrofoam dissolving and compacting, metal polish, runway cleaning, 

                                exhaust fume residue remover, paint cleanup, epoxy cleanup, mold cleaning, 

                                pipeline cleaning, furnace heater cleaner, water heater cleaner, odor control, 

                                fabric wash, metal degreasing, ski wax removal, lift station degreaser, 

                                sewage drain cleaner, cosmetic removal, nail polish removal, boat cleaning, 

                                computer cleaner, and more.

Do not use straight concentrate on plastics, fiberglass, plexiglass or painted surfaces.