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About Us

                     Hercules Chemical Service LLC is an independent organization 
                     dedicated to providing our customers cost effective precise 
                     analytical results, select specialized products and custom 
                     chemical production. We serve a wide variety of industries 
                     by providing analytical services,chemical testing, sales of 
                     specialized products and custom chemical production

                     The Hercules Chemical Services advantage brings together our
                     experience, high quality standards and customer focused 
                     approach to analysis, sales and production. Our scientists 
                     listen to our clients and provide proper, timely and efficient 
                     service. Our goal is to become an extension of your company 
                     treating each task with the same care as your "regular" 
                     employees. Hercules Chemical Services clients come from a 
                     broad range of industries that are looking for the best service 
                     at fair prices. 

                     Hercules Chemical Service LLC was established in 2011.The 
                     founder is a PhD scientist with a simple 
                     provide the marketplace with a "boutique" alternative to large 
                     chemical service providers with dedication to personal 
                     professional service for an affordable price. The HCS team 
                     has over 40 years in the chemical field encompassing 
                     analytical chemistry, product development, quality and 
                     chemical production.The HCS team looks forward to the 
                     opportunity to exceed your expectations.