* d-Limonene cleaner: Dilution Chart

d-Limonene cleaner Dilution Chart

Dilution chart for 100% concentrate cleaner.

Use straight concentrate as is. Or, for general cleaning purpose, add concentrate to water, shake before use it.


1. Recommendations for general mixing on concentrate cleaner:

Mist:         ½ oz concentrate / gallon of water; 

Light:         1 oz concentrate / gallon of water; 

General:   2 oz  concentrate / gallon of water; 

Strong:    16 oz concentrate / gallon of water;

Straight concentrate: use with caution.


2. Allow about 5 – 10 minutes emulsify time on  the surface area need to be cleaned.

3 .Wipe surface with a little abrasive action.

4. Repeat the application if necessary.

Do not use straight on plastics, fiberglass, plexiglass or painted surfaces.