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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is d-Limonene?

A. d-Limonene is the major component of the oil extracted from citrus fruit. It is a Natural Cleaner.

Food Grade d-Limonene: Citrus fruit->Juice Extractor->Cold pressed Orange Oil->Vacuum Distillation->Food Grade d-Limonene.

Technical Grade d-Limonene:Citrus Fruit->Juice Extractor->peel->Mechanical Process->Liquid Slurry->Steam Distillation->Technical Grade d-Limonene

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Q. What is the difference between Food Grade and Technical Grade d-Limonene?

A. Food Grade d-Limonene contains a minimum of 95% d-Limonene. The Technical Grade d-Limonene contents may vary from 60% - 90%. Technical Grade d-Limonene may have a stale smell or foul smell. The Gardner color may different: pale-yellow, yellow, amber-yellow. Food Grade has better consistency than Technical Grade d-Limonene.

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Q. Are HCS d-Limonene products 100% natural?

A. Our d-Limonene is extracted solely from domestic Florida oranges. It's 100% natural and good for the environment.

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Q. Do HCS d-Limonene products disinfect?

A. No.

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Q. Why should HCS d-Limonene products be diluted with water?

A. HCS d-Limonene products are very powerful cleaners. Some applications require use of product concentrate as is. However, many applications require less concentration. In this case, you can dilute the HCS product with water. Such as use 1 part d-Limonene product to 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, or more parts water based on the cleaning strength required. Please see applications.

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Q. Are HCS cleaning products soluble in water?

A. HCS pure d-Limonene does not contain any emulsifiers and/or surfactants, it is not soluble in water. You can use pure d-Limonene as is, or, blended with water in a PET(E), Fluorine Treated (HDPE), or glass bottle, shaking the liquid in a bottle before use. It is very effective for cleaning purposes. HCS degreaser, concentrate or pre-diluted cleaners, dishwasher rinse aids, contain emulsifier and surfactants, these products are water miscible. Dilute with water as necessary. Shake or agitate before use. Please see applications.

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Q. Can HCS d-Limonene be used as a pesticide, an insecticide, or a fungicide for termite or insect control?

A. HCS d-Limonene is an all purpose cleaner, not for use as a pesticide, insecticide, or fungicide. However, d-Limonene is used as an active ingredient or inert ingredient, in pesticide products, food products, air fresh products, and more. It is 100% natural.

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Q. Is HCS d-Limonene safe to use around children? Any considerations need to be taken for children and infants?

A. From the study reviewed in the RED (EPA, 1994) d-Limonene is not a developmental toxicant. No concern for potential sensitivity to children and infants. However, it is necessary KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

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Q. Can HCS Food Grade d-Limonene products be added into food or drinks?

A. Food Grade means the product meets minimum standards of quality and purity as defined by US FDA. Do not drink or eat food with Food Grade d-Limonene.

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Q. What is the shelf life of the d-Limonene products?

A. Normally 6 months, if container is kept in sealed condition.

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Q. Do d-Limonene products hurt skin?

A. Due to very high purity, this product may cause skin irritation or rash, if exposed for extended periods. Wash with water for 5-15 minutes. Avoid skin contact. Wear eye protection, wear vinyl gloves, skin protective clothing and canvas shoes, d-Limonene will melt rubber materials.

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Q. Are d-Limonene fumes toxic?

A. Avoid overwhelming vapor, work with ventilation.

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Q. Can I use HCS concentrate d-Limonene, Dishwasher Rinse Aid and Cleaner on everything?

A. Do not use concentrate d-Limonene, Rinse Aid, Cleaner, on Fiberglass, Plastic, or, Painted Surfaces. However, it is safe to use diluted HCS d-Limonene products on anything you can put water on. See applications.

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Q. Is HCS rust removal gel effective for removing rust?

A. Yes. Apply HCS Rust removal Gel on top of Rusted Surface and allow to stand for about 15 minutes – 60 minutes, scrub and rust will be wiped away. Repeat if necessary. This removal gel also effectively removes grease, cosmetics, Lipsticks, oil, wax, sealants, adhesive and more. After rust is removed painting the surface, or, brush lubricant oil on the surface of the treated area, is highly recommended.

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Q. Where can I use HCS Hand Towels and Citrus Lotion Hand Cleaner?

A. HCS Hand Towels and Citrus Lotion Hand Cleaner are great for working hands...cleans dirt and grime associated with Gardens, kitchens, offices, plumbing and heating, garages, car repair, machinery and more. These HCS products can remove the toughest soils, stains, grease, ink, adhesives, sealants, sticky dirt and more. They are all natural, all purpose wet hand towels and hand cleaners. HCS Citrus Lotion Hand Cleaner is water based, and can be used as is, or, make dilutions or less demanding cleaning applications.

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Q. Do I need make further dilutions on HCS Concentrated Natural Citrus Floor Cleaner before cleaning floors?

A. To clean up asphalt, tar, heavy crude oil, use straight as is. However, HCS Concentrated Natural Citrus Floor Cleaner is a very strong cleaner. It can easily take floor wax away. For general purpose cleaning, diluting the cleaner is recommended. See applications.

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Q. Can HCS d-Limonene products, cleaners, be used on metal surfaces?

A. Yes. It is safe to use on all metals, including aluminum, gold, silver and brass.

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Q. What kind container can be used to store the d-Limonene?

A. For drum storage, store d-Limonene products in phenolic-lined metal containers.

For bulk storage, greater than 55 gallons, recommends stainless steel storage tanks.

If you choose using plastic containers, use fluorinated (HDPE) or PET(E) plastic.

d-Limonene will have no effect on glass packaging or ceramic packaging. However, any plastic caps or seals must be compatible with d-Limonene.

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